The Money Clinic Edmonton

The Money Clinic Edmonton

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Richard Dolan led a research team for the past year interviewing people ranging from aspiring to the accomplished across Canada and throughout the United States.  

He asked them 3 questions:


Are you focused?

Do you have purpose?

Are you powerfully in action?

The answer 95% provided to one, two or in most cases all questions: was no.

That led to the development of a new model to elevate and transform people’s relationship with their lives, their time and the investment of both. The model now serves as a powerful platform to new conversations, new ways of thinking and breakthrough behaviours that recalibrates people in life with passion, power and purpose.


Featured in a ONE DAY/ALL DAY event, The Life Clinic. And we admit, it’s life altering.

The Life Clinic is Perfect For:

  •  People seeking their purpose in life and with money

  • People searching for their path, a process and plan to fulfill their purpose 

  •  People knowing the best is still within them and require a catalyst, cause or crucible-defining moment to spur them into action.